Savor hair-raising Hidden Object fun with Evil Pumpkin

Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween

Savor hair-raising Hidden Object fun with Evil Pumpkin

What is this game about?


Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween is a hidden object game in which a boy in an alternate universe tries to solve a mystery surrounding the missing Halloween. There is plenty of intrigue to be found and spooks to uncover!

The setting is as follows: you play as a boy in a world in which Halloween does not exist. However, you realized that your father always mysteriously disappears on 30th October, and you are determined to find out why.

As you search through his bedroom, you find a book that explains what Halloween is, and this is where the game starts. Can you uncover all the mysteries behind why Halloween is missing in this alternate universe? What part does your father play in this disappearance of such an important event? Can you restore things to what they should be?

Great hidden object and point and click adventure elements!

As far as gameplay is concerned, this is a point and click adventure game too! You must find different key items that, when combined, unlocks access to the next area.

If you are only just starting out and dipping your toes into the hidden object universe, this is where the different difficult settings can make or break your experience! For those who are just starting out and you are on easier difficulty settings, the game will mark out key areas with sparkles so that you know where to focus your attention on.

On easier difficulty levels, you can also make use of hints to know if there’s still any useful items to be found in a particular room. If there are still things to be found, the areas will be marked out with sparkles. If you are fully done with the room at that moment, your hint will not be expended!

In many ways, this game is very beginner-friendly so do not hesitate to try this game out even if you are new to hidden object scenes!

As for those who are here not just for the engaging story but also for a challenge, feel free to choose the expert mode! In it, there are NO hints whatsoever, and you are left to your own devices. This means that you might not even know what to click on a given screen, or miss out on entirely new areas because you may have missed out on a trapdoor that grants you access to a critically important area.

Whichever difficulty mode you choose, Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween is a great hidden object game that is highly enjoyable!

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Intuitive inventory management!

Items play a big role in hidden object games. You may find a key item but not know what to do with it, and this can be quite distracting or frustrating when the item you found is not something you can intuitively use.

Fortunately, Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween has includes a neat feature (a simple star icon) regarding inventory and items that saves a lot of time, so you don’t have to be clicking everything just to see what sticks.

Items that need to be combined are marked with a star icon, and if you click on these items, you will enter an “examine” window where you can try different items and combinations to see if anything works. This is particularly useful since most of the time, you may end up grabbing an item without knowing its purpose yet.

It can then be quite confusing as you may think that the item you picked up needs to be used immediately, and that it has to be combined with another item in the inventory. With this feature in place, we can avoid such a confusion.

Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween

An intriguing decoration/resource management minigame!

Besides its creepy exterior and spooky premise, this hidden object game also comes with a separate mini-game, which is decorating your very own garden!

To this end, you have a whole special shop for this. To buy items from the shop, you will have to use the candy that you may find scattered around the levels, so keep your eyes peeled for these bonus candies!

Do note that this garden does not have any impact on the gameplay, and it is purely a minigame that can be enjoyed at your own free time. We had fun putting up decorations though, and we feel that this might be something you would enjoy too!

Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween

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All in all, Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween is a fun little hidden object mystery game that really works at raising your goosebumps and immersing you in an alternate universe.

The puzzles are creative and thematic, and it does so in a way that doesn’t require you to wrack your brains too much. With so many positive factors in place, this game is definitely worth a look!

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Published 01 May 2022
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