Indulge in racing burnout fun with Dirt Rally Driver HD!

Dirt Rally Driver HD

Indulge in racing burnout fun with Dirt Rally Driver HD!

What is Dirt Rally Driver HD about?


Dirt Rally Driver is a racing video game where you can have your own collection of cars and travel around the world to challenge other racers with them!

This is a highly customizable game, in which you can upgrade and customize your car however you want. You can also choose the tracks from all over the world in which you want to race on, and you can even choose the settings to include various obstacles like traffic or even the police!

There are many other gameplay elements in Dirt Rally Driver HD that makes it so so enjoyable, so read on to find out more!

Indulge in racing challenges as you drive on!

To advance in the game, you need to gain experience, money and stars. Experience and money you gain with everything you do, but stars are a bit more tricky.

Each stage that you can play has the same three challenges, each rewarding one star. The one you will do without noticing most of the time, is the Speed challenge, since as a racing game one can expect to always be driving at breakneck speed!

The second challenge is the Air challenge, which is about the time you spend airborne. To clear this challenge, you just have to use every single ramp you see! This is especially important as you may realize that you are driving a car, not a plane, so airborne time will be practically non-existent if you do not use the ramps.

The third and most difficult challenge is the Drift challenge. To even begin drifting, you need to make a hard turn, tap the brakes, and keep pushing forward in a diagonal manner. Not only is it complicated to do, you need to find the right spots in a race to do it. While it can be hard, the joy of drifting around the road and completing difficult or downright impossible turns is exhilarating!

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Great graphics and 3D fidelity!

The game’s graphics are superb, and you have plenty of options to modify them in case your computer can not handle them. All models are fully 3D, since you will be using these cars for actual races.

The light shines and reflects from the metallic surfaces of your vehicles, and as you drift and turn in the dirt roads, your car gets visibly dirty. It even gets cleaned up if you drive by a body of water, and it stays dripping for a few miles before getting dry again. The attention to detail is staggering.

The sound design is also amazing, with the engines of the different cars sounding just how they should. There is even a radio option in one of the modes to enjoy the music especially made for this title.

Other than graphical fidelity, there are also some visual options you can opt in or out of, depending on your preference. One of them is the light bloom effect, that looks nice most of the time but when you drive at night, the bloom from an upcoming vehicle might blind you momentarily. To me, that adds to the realism of the races.

The other two visual modes are just for fun, one adds “noise” to the picture (little film grains dotted over the screen) and another sets everything to be sepia colored, in case you wanted a vintage look.

Dirt Rally Driver HD

Pick your poison from several stages!

To play the game, you need to choose from several stages. You unlock more stages as you gain experience and stars.

All stages have plenty in common: They have three checkpoints and you need to reach them before you run out of time. Also, they all have traffic that may get in the way – normal cars with NPCs that are just cruising along their everyday life. Where the stages differ, is in how they approach the objectives.

In a timed, speed race, you simply need to get to the checkpoints as fast as possible, doing as many maneuvers as you can. In a competitive race, you will face other cars (more are added in the more difficult stages) and will have to race them for first place.

Be careful, since your car can get too damaged to continue if you bump too much with them. Finally, there is the free rally race, similar to speed but you will not be using the regular road. This is the most rally feeling stage style of them all.

There is one additional mode, open world. Here, you choose any of your unlocked stage’s maps, choose the time of day, weather and if you want police or not. This can be a profitable mode, since you can do plenty of challenges without having to go through a loading screen.

It is also the most dangerous mode, since it is easy to break your car or be stopped by the police for speeding. If any of those two happen, you lose a lot of money.

Dirt Rally Driver HD

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Dirt Rally Driver is a fantastic racing game, with simple pick up and play controls and a deep car customization system that will have you admiring your car collection as you spend hours in this title.

Try it out now and aim to max out your collection!

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Published 02 May 2022
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